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Who we are

We are a management consultancy supporting clients in health and medical industries across Asia Pacific, to transform and grow through innovation and advisory services. This support includes business health-checks, client acquisition, digitalization, strategy development and capability execution.

What we do

We help organizations of all types and sizes better understand the health of their businesses, and work together to help them become more successful and accessible to their clients through the best of innovation and technology.

Our Philosophy


Our consultants have relevant domain expertise with backgrounds in practice based healthcare (medical, dental, clinical) as well as deep connections in HealthTech industry.


The core of our client-based consultative approach is to provide real-world solutions that make a practice and realizable difference from the very start and through-out our engagement.

To be successful, we know the end result is what drives our clients testimonials


Head-quartered in Singapore, we are uniquely connected with both the health and medical industry, homegrown technology firms and regulators both in Singapore and across Asia Pacific


With science, digitalization and technology based models, we provide sustainable and scalable solutions that engage with clients and communicate your values


Working together and listening on both sides, we empower and help each other to deliver the solution and taking parts to create harmony and balance in the system.

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Our Services

Business Healthcheck

Strategy Development

HealthTech and Innovation

Digital Marketing & Branding

Resource solutions


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Our location

Asia Pacific HQ- Singapore

tRxiage Consulting Group

11 Arnasalam Chetty Road 239949, Singapore

+65 9187 7112